Mar 26
Deep scattering layer

​It took us some days to get the acoustic equipment running appropriately. Now it has been running for some days and it reveals some interesting features. It seems that also here in the marine desert of the Sargasso Sea there is a so-called deep scattering layer - a layer of small fish and crustaceans at a depth of about 500m which moves up at night to about 100m..probably to feed... and down to 500m at day time to avoid being eaten by larger fish. This layer must be very important for the functioning of the ecosystem out here. Dana is very well equipped with 3 acoustic echo sounders 18 kHz, 38 kHz and 120 kHz and it might be the first time such good echo sounders have been used in the eel area. We have also seen some exiting schools of fish on deep water which - dare I say it - might be adult eels.deep scattering layer at sun set .bmp


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