Mar 28
big waves

​Big waves have now prevented us from working for a day or so, but we plan to start again tomorrow at 8:00 - hopefully. I am not sure how high the waves were - that is difficult to judge - but some on the ship say 8-10m. Several of us were a bit weak and tired. 

We are now steaming south and out of the bad weather. Not that the wind is very strong - it was 20m/s and is now about 12m/s - but it is the swell which is giving us problems. However, the echo sounders are running and we are now 3 days from a new moon, so it is now and over the next 3 days that the adult eel should move up from the deep waters to about 100-200m under the surface for spawning. If they do, we should be able to see them on the echo sounders....we will see.


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