Mar 30
In full swing again.

​The weather has improved and we are now in full swing again. We are now in the new moon phase, so we will fish with a large pelagic trawl for spawning eel. The experience from the Japanese eel research is that this is when they spawn. We hope to see on our echo sounders that some fish are coming up from the deep water and aggregating at a depth of between 150-350 m. If we see this, we will target it with the trawl, because this is the likely depth of eel spawning – but nobody really knows. Yesterday night we did not see such a thing happening, but now we are closer to the new moon and close to the center of the eel spawning area. Last night we got quite a lot of deep scattering layer fish of 5- 15 cm - some looking quite scary, like this one. Chauliodus_sabetandsfisk2_fb.jpg


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