Name Type Country
Name Type Country
Roger MannChair-invited MemberUnited States
Marija SciberrasChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Leander HarlowChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Samantha StottMemberUnited Kingdom
Fabian ZimmermannChair-invited MemberNorway
Nikolai NawriMemberUnited Kingdom
Matthew ColemanChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Claire LambdenChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Mairi FentonChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Guillermo MartinMemberIreland
Karen VanstaenMemberUnited Kingdom
Rhei AmmaturoChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Paul ChambersChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Francis BinneyChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Simone D’AlessandroChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
James WilliamsChair-invited MemberNew Zealand
Natalie HoldChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Samantha BlampiedChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Jessica HarveyMemberUnited Kingdom
Isobel BloorChairUnited Kingdom
Jacob Matthew KasperMemberIceland
Ellen Sofie GrefsrudChair-invited MemberNorway
Michael SheridanMemberIreland
Carrie McMinnChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Luis Ridao CruzChair-invited MemberFaroe Islands
Claire SzostekChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Kevin StokesburyMemberUnited States
Lynda BlackadderChairUnited Kingdom
David RuddersMemberUnited States
Jónas JónassonMemberIceland
Bryce StewartMemberUnited Kingdom
Øivind StrandMemberNorway
Ewen D. BellMemberUnited Kingdom
Oliver TullyMemberIreland
Helen DobbyMemberUnited Kingdom
Eric FoucherMemberFrance
Spyros FifasMemberFrance
Heather MooreMemberUnited Kingdom
Adam DeLargyChair-invited MemberUnited States
Shona KinnearMemberUnited Kingdom
Charlotte ReeveMemberUnited Kingdom
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