ICES Annual Science Conference 2015

Merit awards

The following merit awards were presented at the ICES ASC 2015 in Copenhagen.

Best presentation

The large fish indicator is responsive to trawling pressure, and to reductions thereof (P:14)
Georg H. Engelhard, CEFAS, UK
A paper with a number of good props (outlines of various fish species, some "large", some "small") along with a very nice set of slides that delivered the single clear message of the paper (that reductions in fishing effort in parts of the North Sea have had a measurable effect on the size of fishes). Englehard engaged well with the audience. 

Best poster

Abundance index estimation from survey data as a reliable alternative in a mixed and multi-fleet fishery: Application to Percophis brasiliensis off Southwest Atlantic Ocean (34°S–39°S) (A:39)
Maria Rita Rico and A. N. Lagos, National Institute for Fisheries Research and Development, Argentina

The poster captured the attention of viewers by its graphical attractiveness. It was well-designed and managed to do "the impossible" - to combine delivering considerable amount of information with clarity of the message and allowing viewers to easily follow the story.

Early career scientist awards:

Best presentation (early career scientist)

The influence of life history variability on population connectivity: Development and application of a trait-based biophysical model of individuals (E:11)
Jennifer Wong-Ala, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, USA
The presentation had a clear message, with good graphics, and was very well presented. The work presented was engaging and holds interest for researchers working on the subject.

Best presentation (early career scientist)

Small-scale distribution of plankton and marine snow in the North Atlantic (S:16)
Klas Ove Möller, University of Hamburg, Germany

The presentation was clear, the flow of information was logical and the subject was novel. Using advanced imaging instrumentation, he highlighted the importance of marine snow in marine ecosystems and was able to differentiate types of marine snow originating from diatoms, Phaeocystis, krill, and others.

Best poster (early career scientist)

Political Overfishing – Socio-economic drivers in TAC setting decisions (B:25)
Julia Hoffmann, Marcos Llope, Martin Quaas, Jörn Schmidt, Lorena Fricke, Christian Mölmann, Rudi Voss, University of Kiel, Germany

With a great balance of text, graphics and interactive features, Julia Hoffmann and the Sustainable Fishery group of the Department of Economics at the University of Kiel have created a highly entertaining poster with several pop-open windows but, more importantly, a poster which persuasively and clearly communicates a message about the socio-economic factors influencing the implementation of stock assessment advice. 

View the presentation with all service and merit award winners, including honourable mentions.

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​Georg Englehard from CEFAS, UK, receives the best presentation award from Yvonne Walther, Chair of ICES Science Committee (SCICOM) in Copenhagen.

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Merit awards

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