Sep 22
Outside of the box

One of the questions from the Tweetup quiz, based on an online reaction to scientist Tim Hunt's apparent sexist remarks about female colleagues falling love with males and crying. This distractingly sexy poser asked about the gender ratio of various ICES bodies.

A successful Monday was rounded off with a Twitter event and quiz last night that saw those partaking in social media get together for a few beers and some real-world interaction. Nice to get a break from harder-core science. Whilst all that is fundamental, dynamics like the twittersphere bubbling along underneath the ASC stream really help propel the event along. Long may the tweet up continue.​

Inside the ASC was present this morning for the second of the three plenary lectures, with David Secor taking to the stage to give a well-received lecture on mapping fish migrations. Definitely my favorite talk so far. Why? Well, the orchestral audio spun over ethereal shots of mass fish and bird movement helped, but It was mainly down to the fact that there was some real storytelling at play. A raw, beguiling narrative on an interesting subject cut through with cultural references and pure questions - two in this case being 'why do fish move the way they do?' And 'how does technology allow us to track their journeys?. It seems obvious to say, but when a presenter goes that extra mile to parallel their research to something other than science (here, classical music), it lifts the whole thing. 

​Thee musical element even extended to the presenter himself picking up a triangle .Photo: Hjalte Parner

Perhaps the most interesting point for me was the suggestion that we stick too stridently to fencing in fish across geographical areas for scientific purposes. With fish highly migratory and unlike livestock on land, does drawing lines around stocks constrains us in our approach and understanding of the ecosystem. 

Back later with some reflections on the theme session science from conference participants.


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