New CPUE standardization training course

​ICES has announced a new training course for 2019: Introduction to CPUE standardization and development of annual indices of stock abundance.
Published: 8 October 2019

​​​​​​Each year, ​​​ICES coordinates​ the work of stock assessment groups that provide the basis of​ sound scientific advice for many of the fish stocks exploited in the seas around Europe.

Stock assessments depend on accurate and precise input data (time series of abundance indices and annual catch at length and/or age by species) in order to carry out sound scientific analysis of the status of the stocks and produce informed advice for best fisheries management.

The new training course, Introduction to CPUE standardization and development of annual indices of stock abundance​​, covers one of the important inputs to these assessments, namely the ​catch per unit effort (CPUE)​​ time-series. CPUE time-series should mimic the temporal trends in relative abundanc​e of the stock and standardization ensures that variations in relative abundance are not due to inadequate sampling of stocks or changes in the fishing behaviours of the commercial and recreational fisheries. The course will cover several approaches for standardizing estimates of CPUE time-series from commercial fisheries, recreational fisheries, and fishery-independent monitoring surveys.

Who should participate?

This course is aimed at individuals involved in the analysis of CPUE time series for their use in fisheries stock assessments and any others with an interest in accurate and precise estimation of standardized time series

If you would like to improve the accuracy and precision of data inputs to fishery stock assessments or if you are involved in the design and implementation of CPUE/LPUE time series data analysis or their use in stock assessments, then register for this course now.​

Introduction to CPUE standardization and development of annual indices of stock abundance takes place 4–8 November 2019 at ICES HQ, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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New CPUE standardization training course

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