Operationalizing ecosystem-based fisheries management

In the lead up to ICES ASC 2015, discover this year's theme sessions and how they relate to ICES ongoing work. Here we look at theme session B, Operationalizing ecosystem-based fisheries management.
Published: 31 August 2015

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Theme session B

Operationalizing ecosystem-based fisheries management  ​

An ecosystem approach has been defined in various ways but mainly emphasizes a management regime that maintains the health of the ecosystem alongside appropriate human uses of the environment, for the benefit of current and future generations

Ecosystem-based fisheries management takes into consideration the interconnections between fishing, fished species, humans, and the well-being of the larger marine environment. 

An effort is under way to create a practical blueprint for EBFM and theme session B will include presentations on practical methods on how to incorporate trophic interactions, bycatch and technical interactions, habitat, environmental and oceanographic factors, human well-being and social and economic equity, trade-off analysis into management action or policy change​.

Links to ICES steering groups ​​

Links to ICES ​expert groups​

This session has connections to groups that deal with fisheries, aquaculture, and environmental science and work that ranges from multispecies assessments to contaminants and their effects, from genetics and their application in management to the sustainability of mariculture.​

Links to other ASC 2015 theme sessions

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Advancement of stock assessment methods​ for sustainable fisheries​​

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Ecosystem monitoring in practice (Co-sponsored by PICES)             


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Operationalizing ecosystem-based fisheries management

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