Shaping the future of scientific publishing and journal editing

ICES Journal of Marine Science continues its mentorship programme aimed at providing early-career scientists with training in scientific publishing and journal editing.
Published: 23 July 2023

Journal editing is an important task carried out by researchers but one that is often acquired in an unstructured manner, often while on the job. ​​​​​​ICES Journal of Marine Science Editorial Mentorship Programme was created to address the lack of formal training in this area.

After a succesful first outing, the programme is ready to commence it's second round. The Journal's editorial mentorship programme promises to provide the participants with an insight into the editorial process, including operational and decision-making aspects, and will teach them the necessary skills for scientific publishing and journal editing. 

Three early-career scientists have been selected to participate in the programme, all of whom are eager to gain valuable experience from this opportunity. We asked them about their motivation to apply and what they hope to learn throughout this mentorship.

Natalie Isaksson
Mentors: Edward Hind-Ozan and Samuel Subbey

University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland, UK

Why were you interested in applying for the mentorship?

I enjoy the peer-review process, especially acting as a reviewer and am convinced, despite controversies, that it is an integral part of the way science is conducted. I am therefore curious about the “other side" of the process and view the mentorship as a great opportunity to witness and learn from the work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

What do you hope to learn throughout this mentorship?

I hope to develop and increase my understanding of the editorial and publishing system in general, and of the subjects covered in ICES JMS. I also look forward to learning more about how to constructively engage with editors, authors, and reviewers, especially on the subjects of interdisciplinarity and ethics in marine science and academic publishing. 

Pavanee Angelee Annasawmy 
Mentors: Caroline Durif and Jan Jaap Poos
Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France

Why were you interested in applying for the mentorship?

The mentorship program with ICES JMS is an invaluable opportunity for me to advance my career in Oceanography and gain a competitive edge in the field. I am eager to stay updated with the latest information and developments across various scientific subdisciplines. Moreover, I am excited to contribute to the scientific community by playing a role in a fair and inclusive review and publishing process.

What do you hope to learn throughout this mentorship?

Throughout this mentorship, I aim to acquire knowledge about scientific journal standards and integrity, while understanding the journal's commitment to open and transparent science. Additionally, I am eager to develop the ability to identify manuscripts that align with the journal's mission statement. I hope that following the mentorship programme, there will be the opportunity for me to be recruited to the editorial board of ICES JMS.

Kirsty J. Lees 
Mentors: Michael Pol and Ernesto Jardim
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canada​

Why were you interested in applying for the mentorship?
I think it’s really important to contribute to the scientific community through the peer-review process, but there aren't many opportunities to gain experience and often you are just expected to work it out. So I really think the mentorship programme will be a great opportunity to gain some insight and editorial experience at a well-regarded journal.
What do you hope to learn throughout this mentorship?

I hope to learn more about the editorial process and how to evaluate reviews, and to gain a better understanding of the importance of editorial decisions in maintaining the quality of the journal and its importance within the marine science community. I am also looking forward to reading some interesting and novel papers along the way. 

The programme helps to foster a closer relationship between the participants and ICES community, and will encourage them to be ambassadors for both ICES and the Journal.

Discover ICES Journal of Marine Science and learn more about this and other initiatives, such as the early career scientist article collection, Rising Tides​​​.

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Shaping the future of scientific publishing and journal editing

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