Joining in with genetics

Connecting the dots: In the lead-up to the Annual Science Conference, discover the theme sessions and how they relate to ICES ongoing work. Here, theme session T on using genetic stock identification for the conservation and management of diadromous fish.
Published: 7 August 2015

​​​​​​​Theme Session T

Practical application of Genetic Stock Identification for the conservation, management, and restoration of diadromous fish species

Conveners: Dennis Ensing (UK), Philip McGinnity (Ireland)

Theme session T centres on Genetic Stock Identification (GSI) and its application to salmon and other diadromous (migrating between fresh and saltwater) – fish populations. There are many applications of this, ​​​including identifying individual stocks in mixed-stock salmon fisheries such as those in the high seas where stocks from Europe and North America interact. Significant progress has been made in the GSI field, both in terms of ​methods and of ​​number of stocks with genetic baselines. 

Contributions to the session will include examples of GSI studies integrated with management advice and policy decisions (including EU and non-EU directives), management of mixed-stock fisheries, biodiversity of rare and sensitive species, population bottlenecks, and causes of population and stock composition long-term change amongst other things.

The session will also host a panel discussion where several experts, including one on diadromous fish, ​​Niall O'Maoileidigh from the Marine Institute in Ireland​, who will offer their views before engaging with the presenters and the audience.

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​Photo: Kevin Glover

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Joining in with genetics

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