Taking stock of assessment methods

Connecting the dots: In the lead-up to the 2015 Annual Science Conference, discover this year's theme sessions and how they relate to ICES ongoing work. This time, theme session A on stock assessment methods.
Published: 5 August 2015

​​Theme Session A

Advancement of stock assessment methods for sustainable fisheries

Conveners: Steve Cadrin (USA), Ciaran Kelly (Ireland), Rick Methot (USA)

Theme session A is a forum for the exchange, development and identification of best stock assessment methods and practices across the ICES spectrum.

Stock assessments are very much at the scientific heart of both ICES fishery management advice and regional fishery management organizations, and it is important that the best methods are applied when developing advice. The development of new techniques is just one of the subjects that the session will look at; others include methods for data-limited situations, addressing ecosystem considerations, and effective assessment results to fishery managers and stakeholders.

Links to steering groups

SCICOM/ACOM Benchmark Steering Group (BSG)

Links to strategic initiatives

Theme session A has been organized as part of ICES Strategic Initiative on Stock Assessment Methods (SISAM), designed to ensure scientists apply the best stock assessment methods.

Links to expert groups

Theme session A directly relates to all ACOM benchmark workshops, stock assessment working groups, and advice drafting groups as well as several SCICOM expert groups involved in marine ecosystem processes, impact assessments, and monitoring. It is also connected to ICES operational groups – data, publication and training.

Whilst the list is too extensive to mention all groups whose work links to that being explored in the theme session, several key ones include:

Links to other theme sessions

Theme session B – Operationalizing ecosystem-based fisheries management      

Theme session C – Ecosystem monitoring in practice (Co-sponsored by PICES)                

Theme session F – Small-scale fisheries under data-limited scenarios

Theme session J – CIA on the loose

Theme session L – Science-industry partnerships: The value of cooperative research in fisheries and marine management

Theme session M – Social, economic, and ecological impact assessment across marine sectors?  ​​

Theme session T – Practical application of Genetic Stock Identification for the conservation, management, and restoration of diadromous fish species


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Taking stock of assessment methods

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