ICES officials

Who's who in the ICES structure?

Council officers and chairs are elected for three to four years. Year indicates appointment of new officer/chair.



Cornelius Hammer, Germany (2018)
First Vice-President
Fritz W. Köster , Denmark (2018)
Tammo Bult, the Netherlands (2017) 
William Karp, USA (2018)
Kai Myrberg, Finland (2017)
Pierre Petitgas, France (2017)
Johann Sigurjónsson, Iceland (2017)

Finance Committee (FC)

Piotr Margonski, Poland (2018)

Advisory Committee (ACOM)


Eskild Kirkegaard, Denmark (2016)


Carmen Fernandez, Spain (2017)
Ghislain Chouinard, Canada (2018)
Mark Tasker, UK (2018)

Science Committee (SCICOM)

Yvonne Walther, Sweden (2016)

​Steering groups
Steering Group on Ecosystem Processes and Drivers (SSGEPD) ​

Graham Pierce, UK (2016)

Steering Group on Ecosystem Pressures and Impacts (SSGEPI)

Henn Ojaveer, Estonia (2017)

Steering Group on Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (SSGIEA)

David Reid, Ireland (2016)

Steering Group on Integrated Ecosystem Observation and Monitoring (SSGIEOM)

Nils Olav Handegard, Norway (2016)

Benchmark Steering Group (BSG)

Carmen Fernandez, Spain (2016) and Jörn Schmidt, Germany (2016)

​Strategic initiatives
ICES–PICES Strategic Initiative on Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems (SICCME)

Myron Peck, Germany (2018), John Pinnegar, UK (2018), Anne B. Hollowed, USA (PICES), and Shin-ichi Ito, Japan (PICES)

Strategic Initiative on Stock Assessment Methods (SISAM)

Steven Cadrin, USA (2016) and Ciaran Kelly, Ireland (2016)

Strategic Initiative on the Human Dimension in Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (SIHD)

David Goldsborough, the Netherlands (2018), Eva-Lotta Sundblad, Sweden (2018), and Jörn Schmidt, Germany (2018)

Operational groups
Awards Committee (AC)

Pierre Petitgas, France (2016)

Data and Information Group (DIG)

Ingeborg de Boois, the Netherlands (2016)

Publications and Communications Group (PUBCOM)

Audrey Geffen, Norway (2018)

Training Group

Daniel Duplisea, Canada (2018)​

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​ICES Bureau in February 2016

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ICES officials

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