ICES Annual Science Conference 2018

Theme session H

Preparing for change; challenges for fisheries governance
Tuesday, 25 September
Lecture Hall M

​​​​​​Multiple ocean 'futuring exercises' have been carried out to understand the breadth of potential future scenarios and ultimately to be better prepared for climate driven changes to fisheries and ecosystems. These future studies have been implemented across many temporal and spatial scales and for various geographic levels (e.g. shared socio-economic pathways, SSPs. They generally result in different scenarios mostly along two dimensions or axes (i.e. challenges for mitigation and adaptation in the SSPs). In conjunction with these scenarios, potential societal adaptations are described. However, the potential transformations necessary within the governance arena are less well explored and developed, and the capacities for enabling governance adaptations are not yet well identified. To start planning for future ocean change (even within the confines of the existing scenarios) this cannot be ignored. 

This session will aim for innovative thinking about potential options for resilient fisheries and ocean governance structures that deliver socially and ecologically sustainable outcomes under different future scenarios. The goal is to bring discussions of governance to the forefront of future ocean change and sustainability, both as an analytical lens as well as implementation tool for navigating change.

A central aim is to identify the modes of governance most suited to managing the climate change impacts and the conditions under which these modes are most suited. The session will explore the key capacity building requirements associated with different futures and governance (and identify any scale issues); for example, the institutional changes needed to underpin different governance approaches. It will also explore the institutional changes required to move beyond 'business-as-usual' reactive modes of governance towards governance that can enable decision-makers to be forward looking in anticipation of environmental change. 

​This session will bring the concept and practice of fisheries governance to the forefront of sustainability-oriented fisheries and ocean planning and identify key capacity building requirements associated with different ocean futures and governance options (and identify any relevant scale issues). ​​

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Alida Bundy (Canada)
Marion Glaser (Germany)
Annette Breckwoldt (Germany)
Ingrid van Putten (Australia)

Ingrid van Putten (​Australia)
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Theme session H

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